The Loomers Part 1

"Mom, you have to go down the tunnel first. They're coming! Quick, go!"

I heard them crawling up the tubes before they started to fill the room. These alien-like creatures looked like something out of a sci-fi movie. They were humanoid beings whose skin was a deep, charcoal gray in color, but their skin was so slimy that it looked almost black. Their faces were.. terrifying. The skin around their mouths was pulled back, to reveal razor sharp teeth that matched their crazy sharp claws that they knew how to use. The "Loomers" as I call them, are unbelievably strong and adept fighters. More than any human can take on.

But right now, none of that mattered. All that mattered in this moment, was that my friends and my mom get down the small tube before me. I didn't care that I could hear them climbing out of the tubes. I didn't care that I could feel them behind me. I just wanted the others safe.

"Mom, they're here! Go!"

I climbed into the tube after her, but I started to get stuck. That second was all it needed. The Loomer slashed into my back, pulling me out with his claws, that were buried in the fat on my back. I ripped myself off of his 4 inch claws and turned with back facing the tunnel. There were four of them. I'm going to die. There's no way around it. I've only known one man who survived an attack from a Loomer, but there isn't much left of him. But, four? I am going to die.

When the first eyeless creature lunged at me, I couldn't believe how fast and accurate it was. He slashed at my left side, but I turned and hit him with my Ripper (it was almost like a club, with a huge serrated edged piece of metal on the other side) and it went right through him like butter. Two others came at me. I took down one, but the other stopped, then joined his companion, to my right. Companion? Pack mate? I'm not really sure, right now.

It was then that I noticed the heat that seemed to be radiating down my back. I reached behind me and felt a hot, sticky substance. I looked to see rich, crimson colored blood on my hand. "I've never seen blood so dark." I wondered aloud.

They shifted in response to my thoughts and came closer. I don't know why, but I held my right hand, covered in blood, out towards them.
"Stop! Get back!"

And they did! The Loomers crept away from me and back down their tubes. What.. just happened?

"Hannah? Are you okay?" My mom called from the other end of the tube.

"Hold on, I'm coming down."

Which, I have to admit, wasn't easy. I'm not a small girl. I never have been. I once lost 60lbs, but then I found them again. Even before I found them, I wasn't thin. It never mattered to me before, but when all that's between you and Loomers is a relatively small tube, it starts to matter.

I managed to wriggle my way down the tube, but couldn't get through the exit. The metal was curved up and I couldn't fit in that dip. I held my breath as they pulled the frame off and I climbed out to see several tear-streaked cheeks.

My mom ran to me and hugged me. "Oh my God, Hannah! I thought I was gonna lose you!"

"Seriously, when they pulled you oot, I thought you were a gooner! But, damned if you’re not really the supakaisa!" My best friend hugged me, as I chuckled about his weird way with words. I let go and walked to my right.

"Baby? John?" I took the hands of my sobbing boyfriend and tried to comfort him. "Honey, I'm gonna be fine."

John looked up at me and pulled me into a rib-cracking hug. "I thought I lost you!"

He looked so overjoyed, but then his face blanched. I didn't realize it at first, but apparently I screamed when he hugged me, because my ears were still ringing. I heard him gasp as he turned me around, but there was no time for them to look at my wounds. I heard several footsteps headed down towards the room we were in.

"Someone's coming!" I whispered frantically.

I looked around and found a cabinet (one of those metal, office-y type ones) and everyone climbed in. Everyone but my mom. She shut the cabinet doors right before the door to the room clicked open and sat down.

The captain of the ship strode in and my stomach curled. He was a monster. I knew.. We knew about all of his perversions and plots. But, nobody else aboard could seem to see past his good looks and charm.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked her.

She just sat there, playing crazy old lady. Which, she was quite good at, when not even trying. Captain Davidson looked around the group of children that he was no doubt molesting, with a smug smile on his face.

"And this, children, is what we do to.."

"No!" I panicked. He was holding the lobotomizing needle close to her head and I couldn't let him do it to my mom.

I ripped off the front of the cabinet and flung it across the room and let out an ear piercing cry, instead of the scream I had meant to - weird, why did I sound like a loomer? Either way the captain stopped and froze in place. So did I, because Loomers started pouring out of the tubes and surrounding me. No, not facing me, like they would attack me, but with their backs to me, as if they wanted to protect me. As shocked as I was, I still had white hot anger bubbling inside of me.

I lunged at the captain and used Ripper to slice right through him. One of the Loomers jumped on him and started hacking away at him with her claws. How.. How do I know she's female? I didn't even have time to process the thought, because the captain's guards and service men came filing into the room. Chaos ensued.

They ushered the children out, as quickly as they could, before attacking the Loomer that was now consuming the captain. Though there were three soldiers per every Loomer, they pounced, before the soldiers even knew what hit them. I grabbed my mom and pulled her to me and Austin's girlfriend grabbed my shoulder and pulled me towards my little group.

After the Loomers decimated all the soldiers in the room (they didn't even go after the guards with the captain's victims) more Loomers entered the room. But, they weren't like any I had ever seen before. They didn't have long slits for eyes or long faces like the aliens from hat 80's movie. They were.. sexy. Sexy? What the he'll is wrong with me?

"You're changing. Nothing is wrong with you, child."

I stared, open mouthed at the Loomer at the front.

"I am no 'Loomer'." He said, using finger quotes.

And he was right, He was no Loomer. He was sexy. There was no denying it. Though he had the gray skin, it wasn't slimy. He had actual features, too. The Loomers I'm used to, have elongated heads that have 4 inch slits on the sides of their faces, where their eyes should be. They have no noses, ears, not even hair. But, he had all of those and was in a wicked suit.

Before I knew what happened, I was standing right next to him and he reached down to put his hand on my back. It was weird. I felt smaller framed, being in his arms. It was then that he touched my back and I moaned. I didn't mean to, it just slipped out. He was healing me and I moaned. How embarrassing is that? I looked at John apologetically and then to my new companion.

He smiled, "It's okay, child."