Chapter 1 – Azalon
We are in the year 800 A.D. The world in which our story takes place is not very rich and you cannot really speak of any big warriors or heroes. But one thing can be said about the Kingdom of Azalon: It is a community. Everybody works for each other. They are not the smartest or the strongest; together, however, they are invincible. Whether it is the baker, who bakes bread every single day for those who need it in the morning, or the farmer, who makes sure there is enough milk, eggs and grain, by caring for his animals and putting a lot of effort and love into his work. There may be people, who think it is really cheesy or even a sign of weakness to support each other that much, but they do not care about such things. They are entirely happy.

There is a king too, of course. Their beloved king Remlodin. He is a warm-hearted, kind man. He had sleeping areas furnished in his castle, for those who do not have a place to stay, and ensures they have enough to eat. He did not know taxes and did not want anything from his people, but cared about them. He still had enough money, though, since he was so acclaimed, that the villagers donated money voluntarily so he could arrange huge feasts every year, hired jugglers and arranged circuses, to keep his people entertained. Every single morning, he strolled through the market and greeted everyone as if he was one of them.
His son Remodius, however, wasn’t a very popular man. He was only basking in his father’s glory, spit on those he looked down on and bought many luxuries, like diamond-studded rings, necklaces, jewelled clothing and much more. He did not care about the people at all. That’s why he was hated so much. His father tried to talk to him many, many times- unfortunately in vain.
‘You weak, old man!’, he used to answer. ‘Stand tall and behave like a real king!’ But the king loved his son way too much; he could never have sent him away. He still saw the good things in Remodius and did not want to give up on him. The people saw that their king suffered from his son’s behaviour, but he still walked trough the market, like everyday.

But one morning he didn’t come. The next day he didn’t come either. A week passed- people talked and spread rumours about him having left the kingdom or being sick or depressive, due to his son- when Remodius stepped on the castle’s balcony and spoke to the folk:
‘My father has gone! He didn’t leave anything behind. For this reason, I, King Remodius, will rule over you bumpkins! From now on, all of you will pay three silver coins each week. Whoever is not able to pay it, will serve their sentence. If someone has a problem with that, they should come to my throne room. End of the speech!’ There fell a deep silence. Everyone was shocked and angry, but no one was brave enough to protest, since they knew it could mean their death. They didn’t have any other option, apart from complying with the new king’s demands. It would not take much longer until the first guards were walking trough the streets, collecting the taxes.

Translation by komorebi
Thanks for that :3

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